Sonntag, 19. Oktober 2008

Weight Lifting Techniques: Proper Technique for Maximum Results

One of the most important parts of putting together a quality bodybuilding regiment is using proper weight lifting techniques. The best weight lifting program can be derailed just by using improper technique, while someone who is using less weight and less reps can end up with far better results by using perfect technique. Any true bodybuilder can tell you that the most important part of any exercise program is learning proper and appropriate weight lifting techniques.

There are many great ways to go about learning the right techniques, and you should choose whatever method you find works best for you. The following are several quality tips that have allowed many people to learn proper weight lifting techniques in the past.

#1: Talk to experts who know. This is a huge one. If you want to learn the best weight lifting techniques, then you need to learn from the people who know. Look for a good book, trusted health & exercise magazines, or a certified personal trainer who can take the time to properly show you how to do each and every muscle movement for maximum efficiency. Learning the proper weight lifting techniques from a professional is the best way to learn everything you need to know about any new bodybuilding regiment.

#2: Concentrate on every exercise. I know it's easy to check out the other hot people sharing the gym, or let the mind wander while listening to your favorite music on the MP3 player. It's easy to get sloppy when you're not paying close enough attention. When you're lifting weights, to maintain proper weight lifting technique, you need to keep concentrating on the muscle movements to make sure that you're not taking short cuts or using improper jerking motions.

#3: Illustrations are king. Picture by picture tutorials are much more effective, since you can look at the pictures and see step by step how the arms, legs, and other parts of the body should be flexed or extended during the process. In gyms many machines even have printed instructions on them telling how to use the machines properly. Don't be embarrassed: a good visual aid is there for a reason and we all were beginners at some time or another.

#4: Learn proper weight lifting techniques for new exercises. You can't keep growing by doing the same exercises over and over again, so sometimes you will need a new exercise to "shock" your muscles back into growth. Whenever you learn a new exercise, once again start with less weight and learn the proper technique first.

There are always many different factors that affect how effective your actual workouts are, and technique is always near the top of the list. Proper weight lifting techniques are not only important to get the most out of any given workout, but they are also important to prevent injury. Good weight lifting results and good health go hand in hand in a good bodybuilding program.

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