Montag, 27. Oktober 2008

Bodybuilding Diets: An Absolute Necessity to Bulking Up

Bodybuilding diets are an absolute necessity to bulking up and putting on the extra muscle. In the same way that careful eating plans have to be made in order to come up with a quality weight loss diet, a good bodybuilding diet is also very carefully put together in order to provide the right kind, and balance, of calories for a bodybuilder to have all the fuel he needs in order to put on pounds of new muscle.

Bodybuilding diets first and foremost are going to have more calories than you need in a day just to maintain weight. The reason for this is that to really bulk up, your body needs excess calories to build into new muscle. But those extra calories are going to be split up between a bunch of smaller meals throughout the day as opposed to just three major meals.

In addition to this, these meals are going to be very high in carbs and protein, and are going to have a certain amount of good fats, as well. The combination of carb loading and adding protein for muscles is what allows the extra calories to become muscle instead of fat. Without the right balance of foods, the extra calories would not be as effective. It takes a diet that is high in both carbohydrates and protein to maximize the muscle building effect that comes from a good weightlifting regiment.

Aside from the protein and carbs, there are three main pillars that you will find to be true of virtually every bodybuilding diet, regardless of name or newness of the plan. The reason is that these three factors are among the most important aspects of any bodybuilding diet:

The three tenants of almost any quality bodybuilding diet:
1. Smaller and more meals. Think six smaller meals instead of three large ones. This keeps the metabolism going and spreads out the calories in amounts that are easier for your body to absorb.
2. Every single meal should have protein, carbs, and fats (good fats – not the bad monosaturated fats). The meals should be approximately 2/5 protein, 2/5 carbs, and 1/5 good fats.
3. Calories should be cycled, meaning not every meal should be exactly the same calorie wise. This prevents the body from adjusting too much and thus lowering the effectiveness of the diet.

Any good bodybuilding diet will help you gain weight, but put together with an effective weight lifting program, you're going to gain muscle. The best bodybuilders all know that it's not just diet, and it's not just exercise, but it is the right combination of both used in conjunction that will get you the results you need.

So if you're looking to bulk up, besides for getting your weight lifting regiment in order, make sure you find the right bodybuilding diet to help you get the results that you want.

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